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PivotMedia MPEG4 video encoder

PivotMedia MPEG4 video encoder is an advanced simple profile (level 5) video encoder that runs on Linux and Windows. It receives raw video frames and outputs MPEG4 ASP encoded bit stream.

Solution description:

PivotMedia MPEG4 encoder boasts superior performance achieved with multiple VLIW functional units and special video memories. It requires minimal host interaction to drive the whole encoding process. It can be reused in any SOC where MPEG4 ASP encoding is required. Its design is highly optimized to reduce traffic on system bus and has its own internal data paths to handle bulk of the encoding process stages.

Encoding Features:

  • Support for B Frames
  • Quarter Pixel Motion Compensation
  • Excellent Picture Quality at Higher Compression Ratios
  • Global Motion Compensation
  • Highest performance
  • Fully compliant with MPEG-4 ISO/IEC standard14496-2
  • Context Adaptive Variable Length Coding (CAVLC) Encoding


PivotMedia MPEG4 encoder is suitable for a wide range of applications including but not limited to:

  • Video Surveillance and monitoring
  • Video conferencing
  • Video on Demand
  • Mobile encoding solutions
  • Live video broadcast

PivotVoice Speech Application Framework

PivotVoice Speech Application Framework is a set of standalone voice application modules that provides voice application developers with the ability to read back common entities in a consistent, professional and well paced manner.� Each module accepts a simple data string, plays back the requested data and returns error information should a problem occur during playback.

Product Description:

PivotVoice Speech Application Framework runs on the carrier grade Tellme network and supports voice applications using Nuance, IBM and Microsoft speech engines.� Use of the PivotVoice Speech Application Framework requires no special downloads or code hosting and requires no special development skills to integrate into your voice application.� It can be used with any voice application answered by Tellme networks and requires no coding changes should the developer choose to migrate to a different speech engine.� It�s design is highly modularized and optimized for naturally sounding readback of common voice application entities.

Framework Features:

  • Support for common voice application entities
    • Phone Numbers
    • Addresses
    • Dates
    • Money
    • Real Numbers
    • Credit Cards
  • Speech Engine agnostic
  • Real-time processing of requests
  • Detailed error handling
  • Compliant with VXML 2.1


PivotVoice Speech Application Framework is suitable for a wide range of applications including but not limited to:

  • Banking
  • Securities Trading
  • Credit Card Activation
  • Package Tracking
  • Business Search
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